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When you sell niched systems to high ticket businesses something special happens.

Your prospect understands you have something that works for their specific type of business.

They know they can’t get your system anywhere else in the world.  (Because it’s yours)

Last, this positions you as an expert in that field leading to building more trust and it gives you the opportunity to be able to charge more.

Our 21 Day Challenge

Our 21 day challenge is a proven strategy to bring you from never making $1 online to closing your first client in 21 days. 

We have several methods that we use to make sure you are able to close your first deal within the first 21 days of launching your business. 

We give you everything from what niche to work with, a website template for that niche, presentation, script, the system for that niche, live closings and much more. 

Having all of this takes the guess work out of what you should do, how do you start the company, what you say, and what you sell.

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Check out our webinar where we explain a little about who we are, our process, and some of the clients we have worked with.

Sometimes its best to hear it directly from the source!
Once you have watched the webinar and are ready to get started or even if you just have some questions click the button below and book a free consultation.

Once you book the consultation we will get on a call with you and dive a little deeper into how it all works.

Once we have answered all your questions we can decide if this is the right fit for you.


When you start a business, you need someone to help you with your business processes. Whether you need an assistant manager, a web developer, a graphic designer, a social media expert, etc. You will receive a Virtual Assistant when you purchase the Done For You Package. As your business grows, you will need more employees for your company, and Virtual Assistants comes a long way in saving you both time and money. While also helping you scale your business fast and becoming much more profitable. 

What kind of virtual assistants can you hire?

You can hire VA’s for most things.
As you can see above there is a lot you can hire for, although having an in person team is great. In person teams can get very expensive fast, and you are pretty much limited to people who live within 30-40 miles of where you work. Hiring VA’s allows you to pay a cheaper hourly rate while also scouting the world for the best talent available.


1. Mindset

2. Getting started

3. Running Ads

4. Sale’s Training

5. Prospecting

6. Scaling

7. Bonuses


With over 100 lessons you can be sure you will find training on how to get in a winning state of mind, do sales, run ads, close deals, scale, and much more. 

This is not your average course that shows you how to run ads then leaves you handing when it comes to sales and scaling. 

This course is design to take you from KNOWING NOTHING to SCALING YOUR AGENCY. 

Look below and you can see testimonials from happy clients and our curriculum.

Google & YouTube Ads taught by a Google Certified Professional








Having a growth mindset is part of the key to success.

If you’re not confident in yourself prospects can feel that so getting you in a winning mindset is essential for closing deals and scaling.


We help with everything from naming your company to creating your website. Having your brand positioned properly plays a monumental role
in a companies growth and reputation.



Learning to run ads will be one of the best things you can do with your life in todays time. Online sales are in the trillions, there are hundreds of millions of businesses all over the world that need customers, all of their customers are online.

Learning to run online ads to buyers for business owners will help you achieve the life you have always wanted for you and your family.



Learning sales will be essential for your business to succeed. Learning everything from tonality, to being able to come back to prospects with killer rebuttals is all covered in this course. In a lot of courses the ins and outs of sales are not discussed in this course we take it a step further even going as far as including live cold calls, role play, follow up and more.



Prospecting is not the same as sales. Prospecting must be done right and consistently. If you’re not prospecting and learning the objections your prospects are going to say before they say it then you will be in for a rude awaking when you try to do it on your own.


There will be a point in your business when you hit a brick wall.
You will get some clients, then do fulfillment, then do a bad job then lose some clients then have to get more, and so on and so on. You will be in a revolving door just trying to stay afloat and after a while just trying to stay sane.

We help you skip that whole process with our exclusive system we used to scale from 4-5 clients to over 30 clients with ease, leaving you to do only 20% of the work.



We give your a free winning Facebook ads campaign you can use to get results for business owners starting tomorrow. Also, we include live trainings on sales, follow up and more.



Step by step blueprint on how to start your agency.


Facebook & Instagram ads training.


YouTube ads training.


SMS marketing training.


Email marketing training.


PDF training sheets.


Sales training.


Mindset / Motivation training.


Private Facebook group.


Prospecting training & strategies.


Click Funnels training.


Website development training.


Google ads training.


Live cold calling, door to door & role-playing training video.


1 winning campaign.

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