Brian Melendez

Founder of Keep Up Marketing Agency

We specialize in online advertising and customer acquisition. We have worked with several national franchises and many Connecticut based businesses. I figured, since I am having so much success in such a short amount of time, I would share my knowledge to help other everyday people change their lives for the better. Our Google & YouTube Ads training is taught by a Google certified professional. I  implement strategies I have learned from studying the top digital marketers in the world, as well as online courses, live events, & scouring the internet on countless sleepless nights. 

A lot of digital marketers have courses that teach you how to do certain things like Facebook ads but they leave out how to find clients for yourself or they leave out how to do sales to acquire those clients, to begin with. This course literally starts with naming your company to getting your first client.

I know how it feels to start a digital marketing company and feel lost, overwhelmed, and very frustrated, so I am making it my mission to make sure this course is the simplest, yet most effective, course available today. Being that we released this course in March of 2019, this will be the newest, and most up to date, course on the market. With this course you will not have to worry about going to learn one of the services and not being able to implement it because it is out of date. Take a chance on yourself and start the path to a new lifestyle of freedom and abundance. .